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What is Just-in-Time training?

The term is used to describe a lean manufacturing methodology, but is used in other areas like worker training, too. We describe SuperDoc as the JIT training platform, but do you know what “Just-in-Time training” means? Here’s the gist.

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Unplanned Downtime Part 2: Lack of Documentation

Welcome back to our blog series, Solving for Unplanned Downtime. The series where we present creative solutions that prepare you and your workers for the unexpected and decrease your downtime. The topic we’ll be covering today is Lack of Documentation, and we’ll describe how recording your key knowledge is essential for a advanced workforce.

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Making training efficient in 2020

The lack of skilled labor is already a major problem in the manufacturing industry, and now with the pandemic, companies seek immediate solutions to return to optimal production levels. A promising, innovative solution is making a difference in the industry with just-in-time (JIT) training.

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